Efficient Investor Relations Management
Painless Stock Activity Tracking
Tracking the daily changes in your shareholder base has never been easier. Forget
about manual spreadsheets and complicated formulas — let NextIRM do the hard work
Daily Report
Every morning you get a report highlighting the company's top stock buyers and sellers, new funds and investment managers in your base, and stock activity from investors you've recently had meetings with.
Create watchlists to track stock activity and get transaction alerts from individual shareholders, and streamline your compliance with regulatory requirements, such as CVM 358.
Consolidated Analysis
You set the dates and filters, and NextIRM reviews thousands of transactions to deliver a customized stock activity report — in under a second, and with automatic grouping of funds and related shareholders.
Shareholder History
Each shareholder has an individual profile where you can easily view their interaction history with the IR department and their stock activity, in addition to the performance of their investments in the company.
A CRM system built for IR Professionals
More than just a standard CRM — NextIRM was built specifically
for the Investor Relations department of publicly traded companies.
Market Data
Get access to profiles and portfolios of thousands of funds and managers. Create lists to automatically group investors, analysts, and other contacts by their investment style, history, relevance or location.
Prepare for Meetings
View the relationship and transaction history of each investor and analyst, keep notes and records about each interaction, and always be ready for the next meeting.
Understand and Plan your Meeting Agendas
Sort your meeting history to discover the most common topics, understanding the most relevant issues for investors, and have your IR department ready to answer them.
Talk to Investors
Keep in touch with the market through a modern mailing tool, without leaving the IRM environment. Send and schedule emails with impeccable formatting and pre-filled templates.
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