RWS Financial Translations

SUMAQ presents RWS's language solutions for companies that need specialized translations in the financial, legal and investor relations sectors.


RWS Financial Translations

RWS is the world's leading language service provider. The company offers a wide range of language solutions, including excellent translation services and secure, automated language technology.


RWS language services focus on the specific needs of companies operating in complex and highly regulated markets. Understanding that time-to-market agility is critical to your business, RWS offers customized service levels to meet your pressing deadlines and quality requirements. These services are enabled through secure, Artificial Inteligence (AI) based linguistic technology which simplifies the process of creating, translating and delivering multilingual contents.


Linguistic experience in financial and legal services

SUMAQ's presence in this partnership demonstrates that for the most important decisions it is necessary to have access to the best choices in the market. As such, we work closely with RWS, which is the trusted choice of 19 out of the top 20 global banks, 9 of the top 10 global insurance companies and 47 out of the top 50 global asset managers, thus providing us with in-depth knowledge of compliance vis-à-vis the capital markets communications with investors.

RWS also works with 19 of the world's leading law firms, providing you with expertise in managing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) documentation, intellectual property documents, regulatory filings, contracts, marketing materials and multilingual e- Discovery data for litigation cases.

SUMAQ and RWS have formed this partnership to serve its clients in the following ways:

Corporate Services


Work with local industry translators and in-house language proofreaders to get consistent and accurate messages across all types of contents.

Specialized translations

Rely on experts on financial matters who have knowledge beyond language, such as the compliance framework and technical terminology.


Create high-quality, tailored brand communications with a recognizable global voice to develop exciting connections and to experience the deliverance of your own message to specific audiences, in every language.


Combine automated machine translation (MT) technology with the experience of the human translator, aiming at faster translations of larger content volumes and stretch your budget even further.


Accurate records of every word spoken with 100% accuracy, including grammatical correction, style and comprehension that delivers the most readable results. RWS transcribers work with audio or video files or even live speech, providing both spoken language transcriptions and translations, in any other language you may need.


Enable understanding among individuals and audiences who speak different languages so they can communicate effectively. RWS's trained interpreters listen in one language and communicate content in another - in a way that ensures that ideas, advances, policies and innovations don't get lost with the translation, itself.

Applied Technology

RWS neural machine translation

Apply the latest in neural machine translation to translate automatically, easily, cost-effectively and securely translate content into content-intensive business functions, including customer experience, business intelligence, and internal communication. Reach an easier global audience and new markets faster with the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

RWS Translation Management System

Translate with the unique complete and intelligent translation management solution and create content safely and quickly without compromising on quality. Simplify and automate your entire localization process by easily connecting to RWS linguistic AI, RWS neural machine translation, and the industry-leading computer-assisted translation tool, RWS Trados Studio. No matter the size of your business, RWS Translation Management offers best practices and greater control with the industry's most implemented enterprise translation management system, solving your most challenging localization problems.

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