About Us

We support our clients with best work practices and significant productivity gains through automation and organized workflows, enhancing data management and reporting across the corporate document production chain, from integrated data captures with other systems to delegated editing by internal or external agents, covering regulatory requirements, investor relations, and corporate governance principles.
The Company

Resulting from the association of experienced professionals, technicians and investors in the financial communication market who found the opportunity to offer productivity, precision, economy and efficiency to working groups with complex demands, SUMAQ adds value to the projects in which it participates by making use of advanced technological resources and by promoting innovation, data security and unprecedented quality in the Brazilian and Latin American markets in which it operates.

In its trajectory, SUMAQ has established partnerships with nationally and internationally recognized companies, such as Workiva, SS&C, Intralinks and RWS, aiming at offering its customers differentiated, comprehensive and technologically advanced services, products and services. SUMAQ is formed by three companies, each of which has specific objectives, as shown below:

  • SUMAQ Participações is responsible for controlling two subsidiaries and also includes a net of consultancies and partnerships with important technology companies, which guarantee the necessary coverage for the most sophisticated and challenging financial communication projects, whether routine or transactional ones.
  • SUMAQ CodePrinter is focused on regulatory compliance projects and capital market transactions, such as Public Offerings of bonds and shares in the domestic and international markets. We are able to develop complementary technologies to meet the specific routines of the countries where we operate, in addition to operating and enabling the use in Latin America of the largest platform in the world for the production of reports in a virtual environment and for collaborative and automated work: Workiva. SUMAQ CodePrinter is the exclusive Workiva representative and reseller in the region. As such, it provides training and support to local users, in addition to providing them with the operational resources for the production of documents in this innovative technology, which is already used by its 4,000 customers around the world and by 80% of the ”Fortune500 Companies” - in the United States.
  • SUMAQ NextIR is dedicated to the development of software with its own technology. It creates communication and Investor Relations (IR) management systems, in order to guarantee increasingly automated and efficient services to its clients.
Our Team

SUMAQ is formed by experienced professionals who understand the need for constant improvement on the part of its clients so that they can achieve success in their initiatives and success in their challenges. Aware of this, the team is constantly committed to promoting the best practices in conducting projects and in developing products and tools - using state-of-the-art technologies - in order to ensure greater productivity in the execution of those projects. Our goal is to assure clients that everyone works for the best possible result, at every stage of every project.

SUMAQ is part of the e-Xyon Group which already ranks amongst the best corporate management service providers in the country. As such, the company largely benefits from the already available state of the art infrastructure provided by it, which allows SUMAQ to access and make use of systems and resources essential for a high performance in information processing and sophisticated data protection mechanisms. In addition, SUMAQ has modern offices at its disposal, located in important urban centers such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Specialized areas

Within our functional structure, we have specialized areas that are in charge of our commercial routines; customer services and success assurance; production and quality control. In addition, we also have our technological support areas which promote the overall safety and ensure that internal and external teams will have the necessary support to develop their projects at the highest levels of efficiency, productivity, economy and safety.

Our vision

To be an innovative, sustainable and profitable “Regtech” focused on the market of technological solutions for the financial communication needs of large Latin American publicly traded companies, listed or not, supporting their relationship with investors, public offerings and the management of their regulatory documents and best corporate governance practices.

Our mission

To provide Latin American companies with cutting-edge financial communication technologies so that they can reach their maximum levels in productivity and performance, minimizing associated costs and reducing the internally necessary workload to meet regulatory and governance demands. And to achieve this with tailored solutions for greater efficiency, in its relationship with the capital markets main players.

Our values

Corporate and financial information flows efficiency and automation.


Protection, Control, Accuracy, Timeliness and Reliability of Information.


Experience and proactivity, so that the best work practices are developed and followed.


Value added by improved data and optimized processes, as much as possible.

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